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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Sialia Reike, Monique Lallier, Don Etherington, Patty Bruce, Judy Ferenbach, Gabby Cooksey, Lesa Dowd, Pam Wood, Myssie Light Acomb, Gale Buffett, Lang Ingalls.

Yesterday was the big farewell for Monique's Intermediate/Advanced class. As everyone begins the finishing up/packing up process, it seems the atmosphere becomes more subdued as students start to move their focus from their current project to returning home and the responsibilities that await them. The studio becomes more and more quiet as, one by one, they depart. Eyes mist over as goodbyes are said. But it's a happy sad... we know that everyone will be back sooner or later.

Of course, then the vaccuum comes out to override the quiet. Tools are put away until needed again. The studio gets a big cleaning and reorganization to prepare for the next class. I also turn my focus toward the next group and what their needs will be. But before I do so, let me reflect a bit and share some more photos!

Pam with her embossed gold inset.

Gabby's first onlays and tooling.

Gale with the two she was working on.

Myssie happy to have finished this one!

Myssie's bench.

Lesa and her minis in the press.

Don, Lesa and husband David.


Pam and Gale.

Don't know what Don said, but it must have been good!

Gale watches Monique.

Sialia and Gale win the prize for 'midnight oil' burning.

A skiff of snow in the second week.

Thanks to Myssie for these beautiful photos.

Is this the holiday greeting photo or what?    

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