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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Now that the Intermediate/Advanced Fine Binding class is well underway, books that were formally just a glimmer in the creator's eye, are starting to emerge as objects d' art. The diversity of design and intent is amazing. Books are definitely as individual as the individuals who create them. Though they are still in the unfinished form and we know that much more will be done by way of decoration, I couldn't resist giving you a taste. Check back for the finals next go around.

Monique Lallier has been in house for over a week now and we've enjoyed every minute. The students also get the extra bonus of having her husband, well known Conservator Don Etherington, working on his own project (and lending a little advice along the way). A two-fer... not quite, but almost. Wonder if the reverse will be true next week when Don teaches his class? What a package deal! It's been totally delightful to have them both here at once. I think these are nine very lucky students.

Monique and Lang (Teacher's Assistant) do final inspection prior to pasting leather
Learning Monique's French headband - no easy task
Myssie's decoration
Molly gets some 'advice' from Patty
Lesa using her mini plough for her mini books
Patty's stack o' stuff
Gale in the spotlight
Monique works with Gabby as Don looks on from afar
A cover is born...
... of box calf no less
Monique's demo book
Demos aren't always serious when Patty's around
One of Don Etherington's projects
We can't wait to see where the hole leads in one of Sialia's projects
Pam is having a blast in her first class with Monique
Glasses seem to be mandatory for this class
Not bad for Gabby's second class in fine binding
Gale's book after covering and before final decoration
Bird's eye view
 To be continued....

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