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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


room with a view

Okay, so I've been back for 10 days and am only now getting this posting out... but you have to give me time to recover! Monique's class has started and I'm starting to take photos of that class for the blog, which means I've got to get this one done!

Boston was fabulous. My very first GBW Standards (note I don't say 'conference' anymore  ;-)  What a lovely time. I met tons of people (who will need to remind me that I met them when next I see them), had a whirlwind walking tour of North Bennett Street School and historic Boston (led by one Judy Ferenbach), saw lot's of tempting goods for sale (and purchased more than I should have), enjoyed all the social activities and woke up every morning to this fantastic view (above). It was also my first time in Boston so that made it even more special. AND, I got to fly over and look down on my old stomping grounds of the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York! A great trip.

another view

Judy looks on as Monique Lallier signs Judy's book with her new, steady hand.

two truly fine Fine Binders

nice group

part of AAB's display

the venue - The Park Plaza Hotel

all the leather you could want!

Judy and Don Glaister with her book

the singing MacGregor sisters. Five of us livened up the overflow vendor room with song!

the finale of the weekend - banquet and auction

How I wish I had taken more pictures of people! And had my camera with me on my walking tour. Oh well,... just have to go back!

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