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This is Deb Stevens. I am the administrative director for the American Academy of Bookbinding based out of Telluride, Colorado. This blog was started as a way for all of us, those who have studied at AAB, friends of AAB, as well as those who want to find out more about this place, can keep in touch with each other during the year. I'll be posting all kinds of photos, news and updates as regularly as possible (or newsworthy). I hope you will also share any bookbinding thoughts, questions, revelations, etc. Send me your photos and let us all know what you're up to. Keep connected!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Enjoy being the center of attention!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Last Saturday Daniel Tucker once again provided a full day of fun learning and focus with his  "Simple Box Making" class offered through the Ah Haa School's winter curriculum. Though there were only four students, we managed to cover every square inch of the available tables. I don't know how students in a full class keep their projects contained! The morning was spent cutting and folding simple origami projects - though we live in this region of topographical diversity, we learned about mountains and valleys in a whole new light. Then, in the afternoon, we proceeded to build and cover boxes with enough structural integrity they could not be crumpled in one hand. We all felt so accomplished and happy with our tidy little 2 x 2 x 6 boxes and lids (some of us are very easy to please ;-) The truth is that Daniel teaches in a way that allows us to succeed and leave feeling very good about the time spent creating something new. And that, of course, just motivates us to do more!

Daniel's creation 

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Have you ever wondered what happens at the studio when the bookbinding classes are not in session? Though in my previous post I said something about it being “quiet”, that is not entirely true. As a part of Telluride’s Ah Haa School for the Arts, we often host classes offered by the school such as; Nuno Felting, Watercolor Painting, Drawing, Portrait Painting, Found Object Sculpture, Cold Wax & Oil Painting, Printmaking & Fiber Arts, and on and on. Who knew? Most recently Kathy Green and her students made the Stone Building their home for three weeks of complete color chaos as they submerged themselves into the Batik dying of numerous silk scarves. Beautiful! What a delight it was to walk in the door and float through a riot of color and design as the sun filtered through the studio. So Judy and I thought we would share this with you – ENJOY!

Meredith Nemirov teaches a private in "the lounge"

For more information about classes offered through the Ah Haa School http://www.ahhaa.org

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It’s a quiet (and somewhat snowy) time of year here around the studio. Judy and I feel a “calm before the storm” as we prepare for the upcoming season of classes. Though registrations come in steadily, we still have spaces available. If you are considering taking one or more of the fabulous course offerings for 2011, we encourage you get in touch with us soon if you haven’t already!

A reminder to Financial Aid and Scholarship Applicants - applications for the spring and summer sessions of the American Academy of Bookbinding are due March 1, 2011. The due date for the fall classes is July 1. In 2010, AAB awarded over $10,000 in tuition and housing assistance and the Roberta Hilbrandt Scholarship. For information about how to apply for financial assistance, please contact:

AAB at aab@ahhaa.org,

or go to http://www.ahhaa.org/academy-bookbinding/admission/financial-aid/

We look forward to seeing you in Telluride or Summerfield this year!