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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stiff Board Vellum


Learning a new structure and completing it in a week, especially using a notoriously uncooperative material like vellum, is quite a feat, but the students in the Vellum Over Boards class are up to the challenge and hit the ground running the very first day!

Sewing text blocks on double raised cords.

Monique took some time from working on her own fine binding which she is completing for the Designer Bookbinders International Bookbinding Competition to show students how to do a double core french headband. Of course, Don was happy to let her use his book to demonstrate.

Jeanne Goodman's first attempt at a French double core headband

The most interesting part of this structure is the attachment of the covering to the boards. A card is attached to the front of the board cover only along the spine side. When the book is covered, the vellum is adhered only to the loose cards on both boards and turned-in over the board. The vellum over the spine is slotted to show alum tawed covered cords but with no adhesive. Leaving the cards and the spine detached allows for the vellum to move freely but still keep its correct shape.

Posting by Jeanne Goodman.

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