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This is Deb Stevens. I am the administrative director for the American Academy of Bookbinding based out of Telluride, Colorado. This blog was started as a way for all of us, those who have studied at AAB, friends of AAB, as well as those who want to find out more about this place, can keep in touch with each other during the year. I'll be posting all kinds of photos, news and updates as regularly as possible (or newsworthy). I hope you will also share any bookbinding thoughts, questions, revelations, etc. Send me your photos and let us all know what you're up to. Keep connected!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It's been awhile since we checked in and gave you all a big ol' posting. Judy, with great patience, has been focusing on bringing me up to speed so that she can hand over the reins. I, with great earnestness, have been focusing on absorbing all that she is needing to transmit...  Transition is not always easy and we both wanted very much for it to be a smooth and easy one... especially for the students. Something had to give however during this time, and I now see that that 'something' was the blog. Deepest apologies! But classes are underway again and nothing is more exciting than the return of our students and the wonderful environment of learning and developing of relationships that occurs during this time of shared experience. So thank you all for your patience and understanding! Now, on with the post!

This is a fantastic class! Everyone is so focused and determined to do their very best. I helped out a little bit initially but they all far surpassed my limited knowledge and ability very early on. This is a class that includes individuals who will continue no matter what, in their own individual ways, whether it's in Rowanda or Canada or Nashville. Every single student is self motivated enough to make their skill development happen regardless of where they are. We applaud their energy and drive and wish for them great success in their upcoming years of challenge and study.

Let me introduce you....

Mark (note how delicately this big guy works)

Barry with one of the two books he's creating for his daughters

Gabby... taking on bookbinding with a vengeance! She's signed up for almost every class this fall.

 Jennifer. A poet with a meticulous eye who strives for absolute perfection.

Laine (pronounced lie-nah) - a great eye for design.

Sharalee. WOW... this woman (in addition to being the mother of four) has produced 12 copies each year for 10 years of wonderfully whimsical children's books for her family.

Jaye. There's a lot of deep, moving water beneath that quiet surface!

Matt. On a mission to make books in Africa! Next stop Rwanda!

Chris. If you know the GBW, you know him. But he's pretty good at paring too. ;-)

Susan. Graphic designer since you drew by hand... already the heart of a FINE binder.

Katy. She's been here so many weeks so far this year, she's got the 'relax' thing down... a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. In reality, Katy is an amazingly productive binder. Pictured here reading the new, 2012 AAB catalog! Check it out online.

Vicke. Always steady with a twinkle in her eye... a true inspiration and the cover girl for the 2012 catalog!

The class finishes up this Friday and we'll miss them, but others are on their way! Stay tuned!

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