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Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 Laura Young Recipient, Frank Mowery, getting a congratulations
kiss from his wife, Sonja Jordan-Mowery.


Though I was delayed arriving in Tucson, and had to spend the night in Phoenix without my luggage, the GBW Conference was terrific. There weren't as many attendees and visitors to the vendor's room this year (we had so much more traffic at the San Francisco Conference last year, due to the high number of binders in the area) but I was able to chat more in-depth with people. It was great to see students and faculty. I rented a glass book case and my table was a big attraction. Everyone wanted to see and hold the books by Monique Lallier, Don Glaister, Lang Ingalls and Brenda Parsons.

Once again I failed to take photos of everyone, but I was able to visit with a few people including Rebecca Chamlee (I hope you are recovering quickly), Sherry Barber, Marilyn Chambers, Karen Hanmer, Ethan Ensign, Taylor Crosby, Christine Fabian, Lang Ingalls, Frank Lehmann, Cathy Adelman, Jim Welker, Lesa Dowd, Sandra Good, Elaine Nelson, Patricia Owen, Toby Schwartzburg, Wilfredo Geigel, Edna Wright and several other students that I can't recall at the moment (so sorry!) I also had a good time chatting with the other vendors, and I need to tell you all that I bought a good supply of decorative papers and leather! So you can 'shop away' next time you are here. I enjoyed seeing Don G. and Suzanne M, as well as Frank Mowery and Sonya Jordan-Mowery, Alicia Bailey, Betsy Palmer Eldridge and Bill Minter.

Here are a few snapshots:

Don and Frank

Alma and Wilfredo Geigel

Lang, Wilfredo and Cathy

Lesa looks at Don Glaister's book about sail boats.

Wilfredo, Edna and Taylor

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