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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My first head band...English style (or so I'm told.)


It turns out it was too hard to take the class and work at the same time, so I quickly fell behind. I've almost finished my half leather binding, and I've just started on the full leather binding. But, I LOVED THE CLASS! As an artist, my working style is quick and messy, and in fine binding one has to do the opposite: be patient, take care, and work with precision. I can do it if I have to, and in this class I absolutely had to. When I pared my leather to quickly, I ruined several pieces. If I eyeballed something instead of measuring it, my line was crooked. Yes, I had to slow down, and if I really was just taking the class (and trying not to worry about my job) then it was a blast. And the joy I felt when I got something right was fabulous! I do see why so many people study here, and are hooked, and come back year after year. There is something very meditative and intimate in the making of a book.

Here's how the rest of the class progressed: cover the half leather book; glue decorative paper on the covers; make and glue the paste-down; and then attach the end pages. Then repeat everything and make a full leather binding. In between all that, we sanded, pared and sanded some more. Here are a few things I've learned:

One must have a sharp knife and keep it sharp; do not let paste or PVA dry on your brush; don't wet your leather and walk away for any reason, a tide line might form (it did!); measure, then measure again; dividers are really cool little instruments; there are different kinds of bone folders, and a small pointy one is good to have; paring leather is hard to do well; using a scharf-fix takes practice; I need glasses; be patient!

My half leather binding

Don explains how he comes up with a design.

Kirsty with her two books.

Michelle with her half leather binding.

Don applies paste for his full leather cover.

Emily with her books.

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