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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Roberta Hilbrandt

Roberta Hilbrandt Scholarship Awarded

It has been several weeks since a decision was made in selecting the Roberta Hilbrandt Scholarship recipient. The 2010 Scholarship is being awarded to Kayle Sykes, of Montreal, Canada.

The Roberta Hilbrandt Scholarship is an annual award of $1500 to one student for tuition to attend a two-week class at the American Academy of Bookbinding. This wonderful opportunity was made available by the loving friends and family of Roberta Hilbrandt, an AAB student and supporter who passed away last summer after an illness. Roberta loved AAB, the instructors and the friends she made while studying here. Her beautiful smile lit up the studio, and her joyful laugh will always be remembered.
The Roberta Hilbrandt Scholarship fund was created to continue the memory of Roberta, and friends and family donated to the fund so that Roberta’s spirit will live on, and her memory will benefit another enthusiastic student.

There were fifteen enthusiastic applicants for the Scholarship. Bill Hilbrandt, Roberta’s husband, had the difficult but exciting task of selecting the recipient after reading passionate essays by the applicants.

Kayle Sykes began her studies at AAB last fall in Ann Arbor at our Michigan campus. Kayle studied “Fundamentals of Bookbinding” with Monique Lallier, and also studied “Treatment of Textblocks and Sewing,” with Don Etherington. The instructors were impressed with Kayle’s hand skills and enthusiasm, and indicated that she will go far in the fields of fine binding and conservation. Kayle will use her Scholarship to continue in the conservation program, attending the next course in the series, “Forwarding and Covering of Textblocks,” with Don Etherington this spring in Ann Arbor.

AAB also awarded nearly $6,000 in tuition assistance, and $3,000 in housing aid to students this year. This is the first year that AAB has been able to assist students in such a significant way. Thank you to all or our generous donors from our annual membership drive.
For more information on these scholarships and financial aid programs, please visit our website: www.ahhaa.org/academy-bookbinding.

Kayle Sykes

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