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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Three Students Graduate at GBW Standards in San Francisco!!!!

AAB Director Monique Lallier presenting the
Fine Binding Diploma to Coleen Curry.

Don Etherington and Monique Lallier in their Halloween costumes.
(Don, where's yours?)

Bob and Karen Hanmer in their matching "Marking Time" outfits.
Very clever!

Graduate Brenda Parsons with Marilyn Mohr and
new graduate Sophia Bogle.

Juror Betsy Palmer Eldridge shows off one of her earlier bindings done when she was 25 years old. Monique, Sophia and Don decide if she would have passed the jury. The verdict: yes!

Don and Monique with the new graduates.

Students Lily Hall, Annette Steele and Ethan Ensign visit the AAB table. We'd hope to see you back in Telluride to continue your studies!

A visit from Evan Ballinger (we want you back in Telluride!)
and Brenda Parsons.

Eleanore Ramsey, Don Glaister and Don Etherington take a
focused look at Coleen Curry's books.

The annual gathering for the Guild of Bookworkers was held in San Francisco over Halloween weekend. Three AAB students presented their Diploma Projects to an esteemed group of jurors for review, and all students passed and were awarded Diplomas at the final banquet on Halloween night. Yeah! This is quite an accomplishment. We have two new graduates in Conservation, Sophia Bogle of Ashland, Oregon, and Ruth M. Strach of North Scituate, Rhode Island. Coleen Curry of Muir Beach, California received a Diploma in Fine Binding.

The jurors for Conservation were J. Frank Mowery, Betsy Palmer Eldridge and Bill Minter. Jurors for Fine Binding were Don Glaister, Eleanore Ramsey and Don Etherington. The jurors were able to meet afterward with the candidates and offer feedback. Many thanks to the jurors for coming early and spending the day reviewing the candidates' work, and to Don Etherington and Monique Lallier for overseeing the juries.

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