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This is Deb Stevens. I am the administrative director for the American Academy of Bookbinding based out of Telluride, Colorado. This blog was started as a way for all of us, those who have studied at AAB, friends of AAB, as well as those who want to find out more about this place, can keep in touch with each other during the year. I'll be posting all kinds of photos, news and updates as regularly as possible (or newsworthy). I hope you will also share any bookbinding thoughts, questions, revelations, etc. Send me your photos and let us all know what you're up to. Keep connected!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spring Session Over!

Don's Forwarding Class in Ann Arbor

Hélène's class at Barbara and Fred Voltmer's Havilah Press in Emeryville.

Sialia reading from her book that she wrote and was now binding in
leather during Monique's Fine Binding class.

Hélène titling in Ann Arbor

Monique and students at the Telluride Studio in June

It has been several weeks since I've updated this BLOG. Sorry about that! The past three weeks I have been boxing everything up and moving the entire studio and building contents to storage and setting up a new office for the next nine months. Construction will begin on the Stone Building next week, with a new roof and handicapped accessible bathroom being the main reasons for the remodel. The space and building will get a face lift. When you come back next spring you will be amazed at the difference! The building is great as it is, but as an historic building (built in 1901) there are a few things that need to be repaired.

Hélène taught her final class in the States last week at the North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA, then watched the fireworks on July 4th and headed back to France on Sunday. Her classes were absolutely fantastic! I only heard rave reveiws. And she had a grand time too! She had only been here once before (last year, to Telluride) so visiting some of our best cities was a treat for her.

I am attaching just a few photos from the classes. If you have more you would like to add, send them my way! I don't have any photos yet from Boston.....if any of you took some, I would love to post them.

We still have room in all of our fall classes and we have some great ones coming up: New Oriental Binding with Monique Lallier, Alternative Techniques with Don Glaister, and Treatments of Textblocks and Sewing with Don Etherington, among others. Check out our website for a complete listing.

Have a great rest of the summer! I'll periodically make posts here to update you on AAB happenings.

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